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Implementing a Behaviour Based Driver Safety Programme

This highly practical and tailored online course gives delegates the knowledge and skills to risk assess drivers and implement behavioural change programmes. It’s designed for driver trainers and managers who aim to use the Driver Risk Index™ to change high risk behaviours. It delivers training to delegates on how to use a range of driver coaching approaches.

Learn Core Skills including:-

Understand the properties of the DriverMetrics® Assessment

Explore the role of communication in the coaching process

Increase awareness of human factors that influence driver safety

Understand how to coach using a DriverMetrics® Assessment

Course Details

Course Overview
  • The Human Factors in Driving
  • Assessing Driver Risk
  • Influencing Driver Behaviour
  • Driver Risk Index™ led Coaching
Course Date

17th and 18th July 2023

Course Price
Course Duration
2 days
Course Facilitators
Dr Julie Gandolfi & Graham Hooper
DriverMetrics® Certification
DriverMetrics® Certification
DriverMetrics® Certification

Participants who successfully complete the DriverMetrics® Coaching Programme will receive a certificate, demonstrating their continuing professional development in driver safety.

Driver Risk Assessment
Driver Risk Assessment

Choose a Driver Risk Index™ assessment for fleet, truck, bus, emergency services or for recruitment and selection

  • Evidence based assessment
  • Proven to reduce crash risk
  • Country level benchmarking and translations
  • Select from a range eLearning or coaching interventions
Driver Risk Assessment

“Though coaching was something my colleagues and I were doing, we
never really understood it or used it to anywhere near its potential. The
DriverMetrics® Coaching Programme undoubtedly gave us a better
understanding of coaching and unlocked even further potential. These
were realised, and evidenced when we implemented DriverMetrics®
within our service and propelled the driver training department to provide
a far more effective resource to service.”

Trevor Neal, Driver Education Specialist, East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust