Motorcyclist Risk Index™

Motorcyclist Driver Risk Index™

The Motorcyclist Risk Index™ is an online rider risk assessment that identifies specific attitudes, beliefs and behaviours that increase the risk of being involved in a crash whilst riding a motorcycle for work. It takes less than 10 minutes to complete, with each rider receiving a personalised report. The report summarises the results and provides advice on improving rider safety.
Risk Factors

Scores across several key risk factors are used to create an individual report for every driver.

Situational Risk Factors
• Age • Riding Experience • Annual Riding • Distance • Riding Hours • ABS Fitted • Training Quantity • Last Training Received • Phone use While Riding • Frequency of Taking Avoiding Action • Crash history
Behavioural Risk Factors
•  Aggression • Thrill Seeking • Anxiety • Risk Taking • Training


Evidence based assessment

Proven to reduce crash risk

Management Information System

Research Evidence

The Driver Risk Index™ is the subject of over 90 published academic papers. It has reliably been shown that the scales measure personality-based emotional responses to driving. These scales are associated with crashes, errors, driver behaviours and reactions behind the wheel.

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