Ambulance Driver Risk Index™

Improve the safety of your ambulance drivers with our scientifically validated driver risk assessment.

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The Ambulance Driver Risk Index™

The Ambulance Driver Risk Index™ is an online driver risk assessment that identifies specific behaviours that increase the risk of driving an ambulance. It takes less than 20 minutes to complete, with each driver receiving a report. The report summarises the results and provides tailored advice on how to improve driver safety.

Risk Factors

Scores across several key risk factors are used to create an individual report for every driver.

Situational Risk Factors

• Age • Annual Mileage • Driving Hours • Driving Experience • Licence Status • Crash History

Behavioural & Coping Risk Factors

• Aggression • Hazard Monitoring • Thrill Seeking  • Driving Fatigue • Anxiety • Confrontation • Task Focus • Emotional coping • Reappraisal coping • Avoidance coping


Evidence based assessment

Standard ambulance driver and instructor versions

Proven to reduce crash risk

Country level benchmarking and translations

Management Information System

Research Evidence

The Driver Risk Index™ is the subject of over 90 published academic papers. It has reliably been shown that the scales measure personality-based emotional responses to driving. These scales are associated with crashes, errors, driver behaviours and reactions behind the wheel.

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CPD Coaching Programme
CPD Coaching Programme
CPD Coaching Programme

This course offers driver trainers and risk management professionals an in-depth understanding of Driver Risk IndexTM reports and how to use coaching techniques to address the behavioural issues in driver risk.

East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust

“Though coaching was something my colleagues and I were doing, we
never really understood it or used it to anywhere near its potential. The
DriverMetrics® Coaching Programme undoubtedly gave us a better
understanding of coaching and unlocked even further potential. These
were realised, and evidenced when we implemented DriverMetrics®
within our service and propelled the driver training department to provide
a far more effective resource to service.”

Trevor Neal, Driver Education Specialist