DriverMetrics® state of the art eLearning modules is designed to address the behavioural and motivational factors associated with crash involvement.

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DriverMetrics® eLearning

Driver Risk Index™ Modules

The behavioural eLearning modules are specifically designed to mitigate the risks identified in the Fleet and Truck Driver Risk Index™ assessments. On completing the assessment, drivers can be automatically allocated the most relevant modules, based on their risk profile.

Fleet Modules Truck Modules

Journey planning
Thrill seeking
Fleet Eye Scanning

Work Pressures
Driving Excitement
Truck Eye Scanning

Additional Modules

A range of additional modules are available, and can be used as reinforcement as part of a longer term eLearning intervention.

Additional Modules

Speed Awareness
Share the Road
Attitude and Alertness
Red Lights
Mobile Phones
Safety Margins
Smooth Driving

Published research demonstrates that our eLearning improves knowledge, attitudes and behaviours in driving.

Automatically allocated based on the risks identified in individual Driver Risk Index™ reports

Facilitate driver insight with a ‘scenarios-based approach’

Compliant with the Goals for Driver Education framework

Choose from a range of language and scheduling options

Assess learning with in-built quizzes


"DriverMetrics® is the cornerstone of our safe travel roadmap being unique in the market for identifying behavioural attitudes rather than focusing on driving skills and knowledge of road rules. We have seen a fifty percent reduction in the rate of accidents resulting in injuries.”

Unilever, Driver Safety Programme