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Safe Driving Workshop

Delivered online over three hours, the Safe Driving workshop enables drivers to reflect on their own personal driving behaviours focusing on how to make changes to improve well-being and safety when driving for work.

Learn Core Skills including:-

Tailored to behavioural and coping styles

Addresses the Covid-19 environment

Interactive group discussion

Individual or group bookings

Encourages reflection

Improves coping strategies

Course Details

Course Overview

Each driver completes a Fleet Driver Risk Index™  assessment prior to the workshop. The Fleet Driver Risk Index™ is the most extensively validated measure of behavioural and coping risk assessment available – it identifies the driver’s individual risk against a range of factors. The report enables the driver to self-reflect on their driving style, and the DriverMetrics® coach to respond to each individuals specific needs during the workshop.

Course Price
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Course Duration
1/2 Day
Course Facilitators
DriverMetrics Accredited Coach
Driver Risk Assessment
Driver Risk Assessment

Choose a Driver Risk Index™ assessment for fleet, truck, bus, emergency services or for recruitment and selection

  • Evidence based assessment
  • Proven to reduce crash risk
  • Country level benchmarking and translations
  • Select from a range eLearning or coaching interventions
Driver Risk Assessment

“Though coaching was something my colleagues and I were doing, we
never really understood it or used it to anywhere near its potential. The
DriverMetrics® Coaching Programme undoubtedly gave us a better
understanding of coaching and unlocked even further potential. These
were realised, and evidenced when we implemented DriverMetrics®
within our service and propelled the driver training department to provide
a far more effective resource to service.”

Trevor Neal, Driver Education Specialist, East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust