Insight into Action Driver Workshop (Web)

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Insight into Action™ Workshop

Delivered online over three hours, the Insight into Action™ workshop enables drivers to reflect on their own personal driving behaviours focusing on how to make changes to improve well-being and safety when driving for work.

Learn Core Skills including:-

Tailored to behavioural and coping styles

Addresses the Covid-19 environment

Interactive group discussion

Individual or group bookings

Encourages reflection

Improves coping strategies

Course Details

Course Overview

Each driver completes a Fleet Driver Risk Index™  assessment prior to the workshop. The Fleet Driver Risk Index™ is the most extensively validated measure of behavioural and coping risk assessment available – it identifies the driver’s individual risk against a range of factors. The report enables the driver to self-reflect on their driving style, and the DriverMetrics® coach to respond to each individuals specific needs during the workshop.

Course Price
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Course Duration
1/2 Day
Course Facilitators
DriverMetrics Accredited Coach
Driver Risk Assessment
Driver Risk Assessment

Choose a Driver Risk Index™ assessment for fleet, truck, bus, emergency services or for recruitment and selection

  • Evidence based assessment
  • Proven to reduce crash risk
  • Country level benchmarking and translations
  • Select from a range eLearning or coaching interventions
Driver Risk Assessment

“Though coaching was something my colleagues and I were doing, we
never really understood it or used it to anywhere near its potential. The
DriverMetrics® Coaching Programme undoubtedly gave us a better
understanding of coaching and unlocked even further potential. These
were realised, and evidenced when we implemented DriverMetrics®
within our service and propelled the driver training department to provide
a far more effective resource to service.”

Trevor Neal, Driver Education Specialist, East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust