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DriverMetrics® Personal Coaching is an affordable, accessible and effective way to help high risk drivers change their behaviour behind the wheel.

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Personal Coaching

Delivered on a one-to-one basis by telephone or online conferencing, an accredited DriverMetrics® coach develops a tailored approach for each individual driver based on the results of a Driver Risk Index™ assessment and telematics data, if available.

Using behavioural change techniques, the DriverMetrics® coach encourages drivers to identity at risk behaviours and influence the way drivers think and feel about risk.

Step 1: Your driver completes the Driver Risk Index™

Step 2: Driver Risk Index™ report/other data is reviewed by a DriverMetrics® accredited coach

Step 3: Driver will receive a 20 minute coaching call

Step 4: Email summary sent to the driver and follow up call in 3-4 weeks, is scheduled.

Step 5: Progress is reviewed and longer-term goals are agreed during the follow-up call.

Step 6: Complete an evaluation questionnaire, summary report sent to employer

An open and honest conversation with the driver is encouraged in order to enable discussion into various driving situations where certain behaviours have been triggered. This allows the driver to self-reflect on their behaviour behind the wheel and provides a basis for goals to be agreed.

The driver and the coach agree behavioural goals to be achieved over a 3-4 week period. A follow up call then takes place, to reinforce behavioural change and agree longer term goals.

Driver Risk Assessment
Driver Risk Assessment

Choose a Driver Risk Index™ assessment for fleet, truck, bus, emergency services or for recruitment and selection

  • Evidence based assessment
  • Proven to reduce crash risk
  • Country level benchmarking and translations
  • Select from a range eLearning or coaching interventions
Driver Risk Assessment

“I found the programme a great way to tackle the things that were leading to my bad driver habits. I do feel that my driving self awareness has improved. Thanks to Yvonne - the DriverMetrics® coach - am on the way to improving my all round safety on the roads.”

Grant Anderson, Retail Marketing Group