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Eco driving
Dr Julie Gandolfi

The False Choice Between Eco-driving and Driver Risk Management

The past decade has seen a significant focus on “eco-driving” as companies strive to reduce carbon emissions and cut fuel costs despite relentless increases in fuel prices. These are certainly worthy aims, and there is no doubt companies are reaping benefits from implementing eco-driving training programmes. Very often, though, such programmes are positioned as separate […]

Dr Lisa Dorn

How to Reduce Driver Risk Using Behaviour Change Workshops

Once your drivers have undertaken a behavioural risk assessment such as the Driver Risk Index™, the next step in the risk management process is to implement an appropriate intervention in order to mitigate the risks identified. The use of driver workshops for up to 16 drivers is a popular option for many organisations, along with […]

Dr Lisa Dorn

5 High Risk Driver Behaviours that Contribute to Work Related Crashes

A large body of research demonstrates that the main contributor to work related road traffic crashes is the behaviour of individual drivers. That’s why an essential first step in any programme to reduce crashes is to understand the specific behaviours that place drivers at risk. Based on research conducted by the Driving Research Group at […]

Dr Lisa Dorn

Free Ebook: How to Implement a Behaviour Based Driver Safety Programme

If you are a regular reader of our blog, you will know that there is a large academic literature of empirical evidence demonstrating that the main contributor to crashes is the driver – with human factors contributing to over 90% of incidents. Therefore, understanding driver behaviour and how to influence what drivers  is therefore a key component […]

Dr Lisa Dorn

Learn How to Influence Driver Behaviour, 11-13th February 2014

If you are planning on implementing a behaviour based driver safety programme in 2014, you or your colleagues may be interested in attending our forthcoming short course: Driver Risk Index Workshop™: Implementing a Behaviour Based Driver Safety Programme, at Cranfield University, on 11-13th February 2014. Led by Course Director, Dr Lisa Dorn, this 3 day course […]

Dr Lisa Dorn

3 Ways that Driver Coaching Differs from Driver Training

DriverMetrics® advocates a driver coaching approach to address driver behaviour and thereby reduce collision risk. The best way to understand what driver coaching entails, is to compare it to traditional driver training approaches.  So, here are 3 ways in which driver coaching differs from driver training. 1) A Focus on Driver Behaviour not Skill Acquisition Research consistently shows that driver behaviour contributes to over […]

Dr Lisa Dorn

3 Key Questions to Help Reduce Driver Collisions

If you have been reading our blog for a while, you will know that there is a large academic literature of empirical evidence demonstrating that the main contributor to crashes is the driver – with high risk driver behaviours contributing to over 90% of incidents. The implication is clear  – in order to reduce the […]

Dr Lisa Dorn

A Behavioural Analysis of Fleet Driver Safety

To Err is Human How often have we heard that over 90% of road traffic collisions are due to human error? The implication for organisations is that error prevention is key to managing safety. Many companies therefore design procedures to reduce the chances of driver error taking place, for example, reducing the risk of reversing […]

Dr Lisa Dorn

Are you a Driver with Thrill Seeking Tendencies?

This is the final post in a series that examines thrill seeking tendencies and driver behaviour. You can also read part one and part two. Think about your driving. Reflect on how your personality is affecting the way you drive. There may be situations that make you feel excited and enjoy taking risks, especially open country […]

Dr Lisa Dorn

Thrill Seeking Research Findings from the Fleet Driver Risk Index™

This is the second in a series of three blog posts that examines thrill seeking tendencies and driver behaviour. You can also read part 1 and part 2. Research to develop the Thrill Seeking scale for the Fleet Driver Risk Index™ began with the theoretical understanding that as individuals possess an optimal level of arousal, Thrill […]

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