Management Information System

Easily manage, monitor and report on
your driver safety programme

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Management Information System

DriverMetrics® Management Information System has been specifically designed to enable you to easily manage, monitor and report on your driver safety programme.

Our MIS enables you to:

  • Monitor and maintain an audit trail of drivers compliance with their assigned risk assessment and eLearning modules.
  • Access key metrics ‘at a glance’, including overall risk scores, key risk factors and completion rates.
  • Perform detailed analysis of results across your driver population in order to explore and act upon potential organisation-wide issues.
  • Establish inter-linked MIS dashboards to reflect your business hierarchy and allocate an administrator for each division.
  • Compare your fleets risk scores against country or international benchmarks.
  • Assign new drivers to your driver safety programme and allocate additional eLearning interventions to existing drivers.
  • Segment drivers by risk factors and send targeted communications.
  • Download data in CSV format for integration with other data sources.