Enhancing Recruitment & Selection at Turners

DriverMetrics® has released a case study on its fleet risk management work with Turners.

Founded in 1930, Turners has grown to be one of the largest and most successful privately owned Transport companies in the United Kingdom, operating in excess of 1850 vehicles and employing over 3400 people.

In February 2018, Turners began working with DriverMetrics® to enhance their recruitment and selection process, using the Driver Risk Index™ assessment. They also used the assessment alongside video event footage and telematics to monitor driver behaviour and identify additional coaching interventions.

The focus was on a number of sites including Temperature Controlled, Container and Food Grade Tankers along with two key Driver Agency suppliers; all of which include a diverse driver population in terms of language and cultural background.

Stephen Blackmore at Turners, said: “We find that the self-reflection enabled by the Driver Risk Index™ can have a major positive impact on drivers behaviour on the road and even personal and family life. The decision to implement was supported by the results in 2018 of the physical and mental value of this assessment tool for our drivers involved. I believe that DriverMetrics® has added a valuable tool to our Driver Safety Programme within Turners addressing not only brand new drivers to the HGV world, but existing from within and outside the UK”.

Download the Case Study