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State of the art e-learning

DriverMetrics® state of the art e-learning programme is designed to improve knowledge, attitude and skill in driving. It is based on the latest research into fleet safety, with modules tailored to the outputs of the Driver Risk Index™

A digital solution to the driver risk problem

DriverMetrics® e-learning targets the behavioural issues that lead to crash involvement and fuel inefficient driving


Interactive content structured to address the driver
behavioural issues identified by the Driver Risk Index®

Journey planning



Thrill seeking


Anticipation and awareness

Work related pressures


  • Research-based

  • Use validated competency framework

  • Individualised content

  • Flexible scheduling

  • Use internationally with multilingual support

  • Standardise best practice across your organisation

  • "The Driver Risk Index™ has helped us to highlight and bring forth some of the highest driving standards we have ever seen in our newest employees, as well as helping us identify and maintain the highest standards in those with more experience"

    Matt Stewart-Baker, Nottingham City Transport

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