DriverMetrics Launches Insight into Action Online Workshops

In response to the challenges of the current pandemic, we’ve developed an online version of our popular Insight into Action Driver Workshop. Delivered by a DriverMetrics accredited coach, the workshop enables your drivers to reflect on their own driving behaviours in a group setting and develop a personal action plan to improve their well-being and safety behind the wheel.

Each driver completes a Driver Risk Index™ assessment prior to the workshop, which enables the driver to self-reflect on their driving style, and the DriverMetrics ® coach to respond to each individuals specific needs during the workshop.

The workshops help drivers to reflect on how habits can affect safety and tackles driver stress and fatigue by focusing on  developing safer coping strategies.  We will also address the issues related to driving in the Covid-19 environment.

Each driver develops a personal action plan to take away from the workshop. 

Insight into Action Online Workshops are open to individual drivers or via a dedicated group booking.

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