Drive iQ joins forces with DriverMetrics®

Drive iQ, the innovative online driver safety and well-being programme that is recommended by several leading motor insurers, has joined  the DriverMetrics range of road safety solutions. Over the past 12 months, Drive iQ™ has attracted over 150 new corporate clients to its flexible, app-based driver education programme which encourages self-reflection and develops new habits and lasting improvements. 

Drive iQ will integrate with DriverMetrics® existing range of road safety solutions, including Driver Risk Index psychometric assessments. The addition of Drive iQ enables DriverMetrics® to offer an integrated, multi-platform programme that encompasses driver assessment and coaching, through to post-crash interventions and management training. 

DriverMetrics® CEO, Nick Rowley, said: “DriverMetrics®’ purpose is to save lives by educating people on the human factors issues  that place them at risk on the road. At the heart of our approach is the recognition that ‘one size fits all’ solutions are simply not effective. We passionately believe that offering different types of approach to driver education is to the benefit of drivers and our clients. Integrating Drive iQ into the DriverMetrics® family of products, will enable us to offer a more flexible and effective solution’.

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About DriverMetrics®

DriverMetrics® was established at Cranfield University in 2005, to make academic research into fleet driver safety more widely available. Today, our portfolio of psychometric Driver Risk Index™ assessments and app-based Drive iQ programme,  together with integrated eLearning and driver coaching interventions are used world wide.