COVID 19: A Fleet Manager’s Guide

Covid-19: A Guide for Fleet Managers Published

With the a growing number of countries experiencing lockdown once again, DriverMetrics has re-issued its Covid-19 guide for fleet managers.

Written by DriverMetrics Research Director, Dr Lisa Dorn, the guide covers identifying the signs of driver stress during the pandemic; its effects on crash involvement, and practical advice on supporting drivers at this challenging time.

Dr Dorn said, “We are going to be living and working in the context of Covid-19 for a sustained period. For many people, driving for work will be even more stressful than ever before, as a range of anxieties and concerns distract drivers. Thankfully, there is a large body of research that can help us to identify the signs of driver stress and to take steps to reduce it.”

Covid-19: A Guide for Fleet Managers is now available via free download at: