Welcome to the Fleet Safety Blog

Welcome to DriverMetrics© Fleet Safety blog. We intend to use the Fleet Safety blog to regularly share useful information on improving occupational driver safety, with a particular emphasis on driver behaviour. We will also provide regular updates on the resources available to organisations at DriverMetrics© and Cranfield University including the Driver Risk Index™, e-learning, short courses, conferences and educational programmes, including the MSc in Driver Behaviour.

DriverMetrics© was established in 2005 as a company wholly owned by Cranfield University, UK to make Cranfield’s research driver behaviour and in particular, the design the Driver Risk Index™ assessment, widely available to organisations wishing to improve driver safety.

A range of variants of the Driver Risk Index™ assessment have been developed for different driver groups including fleet, bus and the emergency services. Today, the Driver Risk Index™ is the leading evidence based risk assessment and is widely used in the United Kingdom and worldwide by organisations including Unilever, Balfour Beatty, and the Royal Bank of Scotland. We  also work closely with a range of organisations to provide Driver Risk Index compatible interventions including e-learning, simulator, in-car and classroom based training.