4 Smart Ways to Use Driver Risk Assessments

Driver risk assessments for  employees that drive for work are widely used by large and small organisations. This is because they are the best solution to provide a fast and accurate way to both evaluate individual and fleet wide risks and to comply with legislation. However, used intelligently driver risk assessments can form the very foundation of your fleet safety strategy.
Here are four smart ways to use them to help you move beyond compliance towards a safer fleet.

 1 – Encourage self-reflection among drivers

Driver behaviour is the biggest single cause of over 75{5fc9e21ecd349b40961ecfaabf0e965f9efa05e9afba4e3b1e757228720c24ce} of crashes. Driver risk assessments that provide personalised feedback to drivers on how their behaviour can contribute to a crash begins with the process of individual self-reflection. The ability to understand and reduce your personal risk is key to changing high risk behaviours.

2 -Benchmark risk in your organisation

Some driver risk assessments, such as DriverMetrics® Profiling  allow you to benchmark your organisation risk scores against a larger dataset of drivers in your country. For larger organisations, a company-wide benchmark can be established to enable you to rank different regions or departments within your organisation. This means you can target your resources more effectively.

3- Target interventions for maximum ROI

An effective driver risk assessment won’t just identify the highest risk drivers in your fleet; it will pinpoint the specific behaviours that are contributing to that risk for each driver. This enables you to implement an intervention strategy that is tailored to the needs of each driver.

4- Monitor progress for continuing improvement

Re-assessing drivers at regular intervals enables you to maintain momentum and evaluate the success of your fleet safety strategy. At DriverMetrics® we recommend re-assessing drivers at 12 month intervals for best results.