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Insight into Action™ — behavioural workshops; tailored specifically for the needs of your fleet drivers

These workshops develop insight into driver behavioural tendencies and provide strategies to help you address your drivers’ behaviour in an engaging and interactive group environment.

Focusing on developing behavioural change strategies

Our workshops are immersive ½ day programmes delivered by highly experienced, DriverMetrics accredited trainers.


Interactive content structured to address the driver
behavioural issues identified by the Driver Risk Index®

How to distinguish between driver skills and driver behaviour

Examining the motives influencing your behaviour as a driver

Understand your behavioural risks

Evaluating and self-reflection upon your behavioural tendencies whilst driving

Action planning for driver development


  • Delivered at the location(s) of your choice

  • Reduces the risk of work-related crashes

  • Addresses duty of care by identifying and mitigating risky driver behaviours

  • Helps your drivers understand how risk is influenced by their behaviour

  • Promotes fuel-efficient driving

  • "We chose to partner with DriverMetrics because they’ve dedicated over a quarter century to understanding the risky behaviours of drivers"

    Bobby Quinten, Training & Development Manager at Greyhound

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