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Training for trainers

Designed for driver trainers and managers, this highly practical and tailored 2 day course gives delegates the knowledge and skills to risk assess drivers and implement behavioural change programmes using the Driver Risk Index™

This training is available in-person and online

Interactive content structured to address the driver
behavioural issues identified by the Driver Risk Index®

Assessing driver risk

Human factors in driving

The DRI and behavioural safety

Communication and DRI-led coaching

The coaching plan


  • Understand the psychological principles that underpin driver behaviour

  • Identify the behavioural factors that influence crash risk

  • Interpret DRI profile reports to an advanced level

  • Discover practical strategies that influence driver behaviour and mitigate risk

  • Learn how to design and implement a coaching goals plan

  • "We chose to partner with DriverMetrics because they’ve dedicated over a quarter century to understanding the risky behaviours of drivers"

    Bobby Quinten, Training & Development Manager at Greyhound

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