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Dr Lisa Dorn

DriverMetrics® Truck Brochure

We have produced a new brochure providing a brief overview of the DriverMetrics® approach to reducing truck driver risk. It features the Truck Driver Risk Index™, Management Information System and training interventions. You can view the brochure below or contact us to receive a copy by email. Truck Driver Risk Index Brochure View more documents from DriverMetrics.

Dr Lisa Dorn

DriverMetrics® Approach to Reducing Driver Risk

The Causes of Road Risk It is well established that driver behaviour is the principal cause of crashes. Cranfield University research shows that the highest risk behaviours include aggression, thrill seeking, low hazard monitoring, ineffective coping strategies and susceptibility to fatigue. Identify Driving Risk The first step to reducing the risks associated with driving for […]

Dr Lisa Dorn

Using a Fleet Driver Risk Assessment to Improve Driver Behaviour

The following article first appeared in Scania World Magazine: Driver behaviour and training, by Cari Evans. Do you eat or talk on the phone while driving? Do you get irritated in traffic knowing that you have to be somewhere on time, or drive when you are tired? Such behaviour can cost you your life. According […]

Dr Lisa Dorn

Welcome to the Fleet Safety Blog

Welcome to DriverMetrics© Fleet Safety blog. We intend to use the Fleet Safety blog to regularly share useful information on improving occupational driver safety, with a particular emphasis on driver behaviour. We will also provide regular updates on the resources available to organisations at DriverMetrics© and Cranfield University including the Driver Risk Index™, e-learning, short courses, conferences and educational programmes, […]

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