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DriverMetrics® wins Silver in Learning Technology Awards 2016

DriverMetrics® has received a Silver award in the Best Blended Learning Project category at this year’s Learning Technologies Awards. The awards, established in 2005, reward excellence in learning technology across the private, public and third sectors. DriverMetrics® was awarded in recognition of its driver safety programme which uses a unique combination of online and in-person […]

Dr Lisa Dorn

How to Reduce Driver Risk Using Behaviour Change Workshops

Once your drivers have undertaken a behavioural risk assessment such as the Driver Risk Index™, the next step in the risk management process is to implement an appropriate intervention in order to mitigate the risks identified. The use of driver workshops for up to 16 drivers is a popular option for many organisations, along with […]

Dr Lisa Dorn

Learn How to Influence Driver Behaviour, 11-13th February 2014

If you are planning on implementing a behaviour based driver safety programme in 2014, you or your colleagues may be interested in attending our forthcoming short course: Driver Risk Index Workshop™: Implementing a Behaviour Based Driver Safety Programme, at Cranfield University, on 11-13th February 2014. Led by Course Director, Dr Lisa Dorn, this 3 day course […]

Dr Lisa Dorn

3 Ways that Driver Coaching Differs from Driver Training

DriverMetrics® advocates a driver coaching approach to address driver behaviour and thereby reduce collision risk. The best way to understand what driver coaching entails, is to compare it to traditional driver training approaches.  So, here are 3 ways in which driver coaching differs from driver training. 1) A Focus on Driver Behaviour not Skill Acquisition Research consistently shows that driver behaviour contributes to over […]

Dr Lisa Dorn

3 Key Questions to Help Reduce Driver Collisions

If you have been reading our blog for a while, you will know that there is a large academic literature of empirical evidence demonstrating that the main contributor to crashes is the driver – with high risk driver behaviours contributing to over 90% of incidents. The implication is clear  – in order to reduce the […]

Dr Lisa Dorn

A Behavioural Analysis of Fleet Driver Safety

To Err is Human How often have we heard that over 90% of road traffic collisions are due to human error? The implication for organisations is that error prevention is key to managing safety. Many companies therefore design procedures to reduce the chances of driver error taking place, for example, reducing the risk of reversing […]

Dr Lisa Dorn

9 Benefits of Using a Driver Risk Management Information System

At DriverMetrics®, we recognise the value of in-depth reporting and analysis to a fleet risk management strategy. Therefore, in order to enable our clients to obtain maximum benefit from driver risk assessment and training interventions, all our clients have access to their own DriverMetrics® Management Information System (MIS) as standard. To help you get the […]

Drive Metric User Conference 003
Dr Lisa Dorn

Driver Risk Index™ and Driver Simulation, Rob Lindsay, Balfour Beatty – DriverMetrics® Users Conference 2013

Watch the video of Rob Lindsay, Driver Risk Manager, Balfour Beatty PLC discussing how the Driver Risk Index™  is integrated into Balfour Beatty’s fleet safety programme. Watch the video (slides+audio) You can also view the slides only below: Driver Risk Index™ and Driving Simulation by Robert Lyndsey, Balfour Beatty, from DriverMetrics

Hazard Awareness E-Learning 2
Dr Lisa Dorn

Can Hazard Perception e-Training improve Fleet Driver Safety?

One of the main contributors to road traffic crashes is poor hazard detection and anticipation. Whilst fleet drivers may have acquired years of driving experience they may have never received any training to improve their hazard perception skills since passing their driving test. Perhaps one of the reasons why fleet drivers have an increased risk […]

Dr Lisa Dorn

Video of Dr Lisa Dorn Presenting at the DriverMetrics® Users Conference, 28th February 2012

Recorded at DriverMetrics® 2012 Users Conference, the video below includes an introduction to DriverMetrics® by Dr Lisa Dorn and Neil Godfrey, followed by a presentation on the latest development in behavioural based road safety by Dr Lisa Dorn.

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