Medina Dairy Benefits from Reduction in Insurance Claims

Medina Dairy, one of the UK’s largest suppliers of milk, dairy and bakery products has reduced its vehicle insurance claims frequency, following the introduction of a new risk management strategy. Central to this initiative was the insurer RSA commissioning DriverMetrics® to implement its multi-award winning safety programme for Medina’s drivers.

DriverMetrics implemented its behavioural driver risk assessment for all drivers in order to accurately identify individual risk profiles. Drivers subsequently undertook DriverMetrics® eCoaching modules to reduce risks. Finally, some of the highest risk drivers attended a DriverMetrics® ‘Insight into Action’ workshop, which focuses on changing the specific high risk behaviours identified in each drivers risk profile.

Hayat Ali, Senior Operations Manager at Medina Dairy, said “We found DriverMetrics® online training useful in assessing driver behaviours which is based on their age, driving pattern, number of hours they spend on road along with other parameters which they use for analysis. It gave us viable information which we could work towards in order to reduce those risks.

One of them was arranging on site workshops for drivers in high risk band to educate them further on aspects relating to their specific requirements.The course itself is a reminder to all drivers to reflect on the risk areas which go unnoticed in daily life as drivers get accustomed to a standard routine. It was an eye opener for them and the company to see the impact certain elements make on your driving.”

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