Managing Risk for Remote Workers Webinar

Remote workers who drive as part of their job offer a particular challenge for fleet and safety professionals. Limited contact with managers can make it difficult to communicate road safety messages, and drivers can react  in unhelpful ways  to the stressors associated with remote working.

So, please join our ‘Managing Driver Risk for Remote Workers: An Expert Webinar’, on Monday 19th April between 13:00-1400, to find out how you can improve fleet safety for remote workers.

Hosted by Dr Lisa Dorn, Research Director at DriverMetrics and Associate Professor at Cranfield University, the webinar, will enable you to discover how to:

  • use telematics to manage driver behaviour for remote working
  • identify driver stress and its potential impact on driver behaviour
  • reduce levels of stress and fatigue for fleet drivers working remotely.
  • use channels of communication to provide support for remote workers
  • coach drivers to motivate improved safety for remote working

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This webinar is partnership between DriverMetrics and Essential Fleet Operator