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Driver behaviour contributes to 95% of road incidents worldwide.

We dramatically reduce your driver risk by transforming your drivers’ behaviour — and our solution is the most scientifically validated driver risk management system in the world.

How Does DriverMetrics Improve Your Driver Risk Management? Quickly, Simply And Cost-Effectively


Identify which of your drivers possess the behavioural tendencies linked to a high risk of crash involvement by administering our Driver Risk IndexTM (DRI) — the world’s most scientifically validated assessment for identifying driving risk


We then provide drivers with behavioural interventions including e-learning, physical workshops and in-car training courses, tailored to reduce their identified risks


DRI profiles can be reviewed using our comprehensive online Management Information System (MIS), enabling you to distinguish between safe and unsafe drivers at the press of a button

The Science of Safety

Our products are the result of a quarter of a century of world-leading research into driver behaviour. Driver behaviour has been proven to contribute to over 90% traffic incidents worldwide. Effectively addressing it not only increases your drivers’ safety but also significantly reduces other fleet costs including wear and tear and fuel usage. DriverMetrics was founded by Dr Lisa Dorn at Cranfield University in 2005.

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