How is the Driver Risk Index™ used within the context of a behaviour-based driver safety programme?

The Driver Risk Index™ is the first stage in a three stage solution to impact driver behaviours and reduce crash risk:

  1. Identify – driver risk using the Driver Risk Index™ and focus on the specific contributing behavioural and situational factors.
  2. Review – implement and evaluate your driver safety management strategy with our comprehensive Management Information System.
  3. Act – Address at-risk driver behaviour and improve safety with a range of interventions tailored to the Driver Risk Index™ results.

Who uses the Driver Risk Index™?

A wide range of UK and international clients use the Driver Risk Index™, including Shell, Unilever, Greyhound Bus among many others. It is used in virtually all business sectors to manage fleet risk, as well as emergency services and public transport operators.

What is the research evidence for the Driver Risk Index™?

The Driver Risk Index™ is the commercial name for our online driver risk assessment with a 30+ year research history underpinning its development. The scales used in the Driver Risk Index™ have been the subject of over 90 published academic papers. The scales have been through the standard phases of psychometric development, from the initial theoretical underpinning, through various methodological and statistical tests to practical use for driver risk assessment and management in a variety of different organisations. It has been reliably shown that the Driver Risk Index™ scales are personality-based emotional responses to driving. The scales are associated with driver behaviours, errors and crash risk.