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Dr Lisa Dorn, Founder of DriverMetrics®, addresses the most frequently asked questions

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What is the Driver Risk Index™ and what does it do?

How many years of development have gone into the Driver Risk Index™?

What specific outcomes can companies expect if they use DriverMetrics®?

What are the behavioural factors that impact driver risk the most?

Many practitioners do not have a background in behavioural psychology. What makes DriverMetrics® different?

How is the Driver Risk Index™ the world’s most scientifically validated and global benchmarked behavioural driver assessment?

Is the global benchmarking provided by Driver Risk Index™ unique?

What evidence is there that DriverMetrics® works?

What role do line managers play in supporting a behaviour-based programme?

What is the difference between driver behaviour and driver skill?

What are the three key factors in understanding and changing driver behaviour?

Why do the driver behaviour vs driver skill distinctions matter?

Is there evidence to support the notion that more continual engagement with drivers is better than “one-off” assessment?

How many different driver profile types are there and how does the Driver Risk Index™ determine what they are?

How often should drivers be re-assessed?

What is the scientific basis of the DriverMetrics® e-learning programme?

What is the scientific basis of the DriverMetrics® workshops?

What is the scientific basis of the DriverMetrics® coaching programme?

In what other industries could the DriverMetrics® behavioural profiling methodology be used?

How are telematics used in managing the risks of driving to work?

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