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Driver Risk Index™ Workshop

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Course Description

On this course you will learn how to implement a behaviour-based approach to driver safety using the Driver Risk Index™, the world’s most scientifically validated and globally benchmarked, commercially available behavioural driver risk assessment. Successful implementation of this system regularly cuts car crash rates by over 30%. More than 75 peer-reviewed academic papers have been published to support the validity of our methodology — click here for a full list of references.

This course is for fleet managers, driver trainers and health and safety managers. It covers driver psychology, personality and behaviour to give you an understanding of individual differences and how they impact on the way people drive. You will also be introduced to driver coaching methods to help you address driver emotions, thinking patterns and behaviours.

10th-11th April 2018 
19th-20th June 2018
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Cranfield University
Two days
Dr Lisa Dorn & Dr Julie Gandolfi

Course Objectives

Driver behaviour is known to be a major contributor to road traffic collisions. A key reason is that drivers sometimes hold distorted beliefs about their driving skills which means they often underestimate the risks they pose.

The Driver Risk Index™ is a scientifically validated psychometric assessment which measures the situational and behavioural risks that are predictive of driver behaviour, driver error and crash involvement.

This course will give you a deeper insight into how to utilise the Driver Risk Index™ to improve driver safety from a behavioural perspective. Course attendees will gain the following:

  • Increased awareness of the human factors that influence fleet driver safety

  • An introduction to the Driver Risk Index™

  • Knowledge of how to successfully implement the Driver Risk Index™, along with its associated e-learning modules and Management Information System

  • An introduction to the specialist techniques used to influence driver beliefs and behaviour

  • Communication skills for the driver coaching process

  • Skills in driver coaching using the Driver Risk Index™ profile

  • Skills in structuring a coaching plan to address driver behaviour

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