What is a Psychometric Assessment and How can it Measure Driver Risk?

Psychometrics is the science of measuring human qualities such as traits, abilities and skills using established psychological principles. Psychometric assessments are widely used to assist decision making in selection and training. The Driver Risk Index™ uses psychometric principles to assess the thoughts, feelings and behaviours underlying driver risk. Drivers’ scores are referenced against benchmarks from a comparable norm group. The Driver Risk Index™ is used to identify driver coaching needs to mitigate risk contributed to by driver behaviour.

Research underpinning the development of the Driver Risk Index™ started in 1985 and in that time has been scientifically validated and continues to be a topic of research and development today. Research has shown that the instrument is reliable over time and predictive of many components of driving behaviour such as crash involvement, responses to hazards, vehicle positioning and speed.

A full list of publications referencing the Driver Risk Index™ is available.