Truck Driver Risk Index™ Launched

DriverMetrics® has completed the research and development of the Truck Driver Risk Index™ and it is now available for fleets in the UK and internationally.

Based on a comprehensive research project involving hundreds of truck drivers from leading freight transport companies, the Truck Driver Risk Index™ is an evidence based behavioural risk assessment  developed specifically to identify truck driver risk. The resulting driver profile reports enable mangers and trainers to implement targeted, behavioural based interventions to reduce risk.

The Truck Driver Risk Index™ assesses drivers against situational, behavioural, coping and correction factors. The specific behavioural risk factors that are measured are: Patient Driving, Driving Excitement, Anxious Driving, Work Related Risk, Driving Fatigue, Impression Management, Driver Confidence,  Driving Concerns, Confrontation, Driving Focus and Self-evaluation.

 Please contact us if you would like to access the demonstration version of the Truck Driver Risk Index™.