Are you a Driver with Thrill Seeking Tendencies?

This is the final post in a series that examines thrill seeking tendencies and driver behaviour. You can also read part one and part two.

Think about your driving. Reflect on how your personality is affecting the way you drive. There may be situations that make you feel excited and enjoy taking risks, especially open country roads with bends and hills when you can put your foot down and corner at speed. Remember that severe crashes are more likely to happen on rural roads. Resist the urge to speed and enjoy the feeling of being in control instead. Accelerating rapidly will mean that other road users may not be able to predict what you are going to do next. Your safety depends on others being able to understand the decisions you are making.

 Think about:

  • How this affects the safety of other drivers.
  • Your personal feelings and the moments you feel the need to impress or gain excitement through driving.
  • Whether you drive differently when driving alone or with particular types of passenger.
  • Recognise the triggers that make you decide to drive in a way that may increase your risk of being involved in a crash.



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