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Incorporate DriverMetrics into your fleet risk management strategy and obtain the following benefits.

Use the most extensively validated behavioural risk assessment available in the world

Invest in a solution proven to pay for itself many times over — our clients witness reductions in collisions, speeding, car damage and fuel usage yielding cost savings of up to 22x for £1 spent on DriverMetrics

Achieve lasting results by targeting the root cause of driver risk, not just the symptoms

Identify hidden driver risks that other risk management solutions fail to uncover

Deal with driver risk without disrupting your business or taking drivers off the road

Use internationally

Customise DriverMetrics to either complement or replace existing risk management solutions you may already use

Ensure your strategy is based on cutting edge science and research as the algorithms underlying DriverMetrics constantly being calibrated for your fleet and benchmarked

Manage unsafe and sub-optimal driving on an individual driver basis, as opposed to taking the one-size fits all approach that many other solutions use

Access assessments and remediation for all driver types

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