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Dr Lisa Dorn

The answer to the most frustrating question facing fleet managers

There aren’t many questions that are a greater source of frustration for fleet managers than this one: How do I get my drivers to comply with safe driving policies and procedures? It’s a constant battle. To win this battle, the approach managers usually take is to focus on in-vehicle, skills-based training, i.e. ensuring drivers are […]

Dr Lisa Dorn

10 Habits of the Most Successful Fleet Safety Managers

  What’s the secret to maintaining a good driver safety record within your organisation? Research shows that the answer can be summed up in one word: Culture. — By “culture”, I mean the way in which safety is guided and managed in the workplace. Companies with a positive safety culture are characterised by a commitment […]

Dr Lisa Dorn

The 2-step plan to prevent your drivers rejecting your telematics system

Here’s something that all experienced fleet managers know deep down to be true, and less experienced managers soon find out: The biggest factor in determining how well a new fleet safety product/service will work for your organisation has nothing to do with price. It’s nothing to do with how shiny the equipment or software is. […]

Dr Lisa Dorn

Why you may not be getting the most out of telematics (and how to change that)

  With the increasingly widespread adoption of telematics, and the related investment of money and time that companies are putting into telematics systems, managers are right to be asking how to get the best out of their system for the purpose of improving driver behaviour. In this article I’ll identify the issue that is stopping managers […]

Dr Lisa Dorn

Implementing the Bus Driver Risk Index™ for Greyhound

  Our work to manage the risks of driving a bus or coach has recently expanded to include an iconic American company – Greyhound Lines, Inc founded in 1914. Greyhound is the largest provider of intercity bus transportation, across North America providing safe, enjoyable and affordable travel to nearly 18 million passengers each year. Greyhound […]

Dr Lisa Dorn

Fleet Risk Management – “The Science of Safety ” Part 1

Research shows that “risky driving behaviour” is not a single dimension, it is more complex than that.  Over the last 25 years, researchers have worked to find ways to measure the complex range of factors that contribute to the risks of driving from a human factors perspective. The ultimate purpose is to provide drivers with […]

Dr Lisa Dorn

A Behavioural Safety Approach to Fleet Risk Management for Bus Companies

A major research programme undertaken by Academic Traffic Psychologists at Cranfield University led to the development of a personality-based emotional assessment of bus driver behaviour called the Bus Driver Risk Index™. The Bus Driver Risk Index™ is used by a number of bus companies in the UK and overseas to assess and identify high risk […]

Dr Lisa Dorn

How to Reduce Driver Risk Using Behaviour Change Workshops

Once your drivers have undertaken a behavioural risk assessment such as the Driver Risk Index™, the next step in the risk management process is to implement an appropriate intervention in order to mitigate the risks identified. The use of driver workshops for up to 16 drivers is a popular option for many organisations, along with […]

Dr Lisa Dorn

5 High Risk Driver Behaviours that Contribute to Work Related Crashes

A large body of research demonstrates that the main contributor to work related road traffic crashes is the behaviour of individual drivers. That’s why an essential first step in any programme to reduce crashes is to understand the specific behaviours that place drivers at risk. Based on research conducted by the Driving Research Group at […]

Dr Lisa Dorn

Free Ebook: How to Implement a Behaviour Based Driver Safety Programme

If you are a regular reader of our blog, you will know that there is a large academic literature of empirical evidence demonstrating that the main contributor to crashes is the driver – with human factors contributing to over 90% of incidents. Therefore, understanding driver behaviour and how to influence what drivers  is therefore a key component […]

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