Learn How to Influence Driver Behaviour, 11-13th February 2014

If you are planning on implementing a behaviour based driver safety programme in 2014, you or your colleagues may be interested in attending our forthcoming short course:

Driver Risk Index Workshop™: Implementing a Behaviour Based Driver Safety Programme, at Cranfield University, on 11-13th February 2014.

Led by Course Director, Dr Lisa Dorn, this 3 day course is designed for  driver trainers and managers who want to use the Driver Risk Index™ to  identify behavioural risks and to implement effective programmes to change high risk driver behaviours.

It is a highly practical course that equips delegates with the knowledge and skills to successfully risk assess drivers and implement behavioural change programmes compatible with a range of driver training approaches, including workshops and in-vehicle training.

 By attending you will learn about:

  • The psychological principles underpinning driver behaviour
  • The behavioural factors that influence crash risk
  • How to interpret  Driver Risk Index™ profile reports to an advanced level
  • Practical techniques and strategies to influence driver behaviour and mitigate risk
  • How to design and implement a Coaching Goals Plan

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