Mobile Phone Use: Protecting your company, your drivers and other road users

This is the third and final post in a series that aims to assist companies in the development of a mobile phone policy. 

The only safe option is for companies to implement an ‘Engines on phones off’ policy, so for the reasons outlinedin previous posts, DriverMetrics® advises a total ban of the use of mobile phones whilst driving. Whilst we recognise that mobile phones are a fundamental aspect of a company’s operations, there are ways in which a mobile phone can be used at work in a safe and effective manner.

The following advice will help you ensure your mobile phone policy protects your company, your drivers and other road users:-

  • Drivers must not make out-bound calls or take in-bound calls whilst driving.
  • Sending or receiving text messages whilst driving is not permitted under any circumstances
  • Using the mobile phone for games, access to the internet or social networking sites whilst driving is not permitted under any circumstances
  • When stopping somewhere safe and off-road to make a call, always turn your engine off.
  • Managers must lead by example and not encourage or condone the use of a mobile phone while driving.
  • Any evidence, including complaints from other road users, of employee breaches of company must be treated with the utmost seriousness and the outcomes of these breeches audited as companies that are shown to be tolerating non-compliance may be vulnerable to prosecution even if they have a policy in place.
  • Drivers must undertake critical business calls before starting their journey.
  • Before setting off on a journey, drivers should set up automatic phone diverts to other team members.
  • Drivers should record a voicemail to let callers know they may be driving but will be making regular stops and will return the call as soon as it is safe to do so.
  • Companies should supply ‘engine on phones off’ equipment that means phones cannot be used when vehicles are in motion.
  • Ensure your workforce is educated about the dangers of mobile phone use by asking them to complete DriverMetrics® online Mobile Phone Module as part of your fleet risk management programme.

Image: CC: IntelFreePress