MSc Course in Driver Behaviour for Road Safety Professionals

DriverMetrics® is wholly owned by Cranfield University and our parent organisation offers a wide range of continuing professional development short courses for professionals involved in road safety. Cranfield also offers an MSc/PGCert/PGDip in Driver Behaviour, starting in October each year.

The course is suitable for practising road, fleet or health and safety managers or driving instructors who wish to develop their career by enhancing their skills and knowledge of the human factors in driving. The course is also suitable for students wishing to pursue a research career in road safety.

Whether it’s driving for leisure or work in specialist vehicles such as fire appliances, ambulances, police vehicles and trucks, human error is a frequent contributor to road traffic accidents.

If you have a professional interest in reducing the cost, environmental impact and risk of road traffic collisions, Cranfield’s MSc in Driver Behaviour will advance your understanding of the human factors in driving.

The first course of its kind to combine theoretical advances with practical demonstrations from leading experts in the Traffic Psychology field, the teaching programme of MSc, PgDip and PgCert offers qualifications in your field of work. You will cover modules concerned with the role of the driver educator in managing driver risk and human performance abilities and limitations. You will learn how to apply techniques for the prediction and reduction of driving error and deliver educational interventions according to driver needs.

The flexibility of both full-time and part-time options means that you can tailor the course to your own particular interests, the needs of your organisation and your career aspirations.

To achieve a PgCert qualification, students study the following modules:

  • Introduction to Human Factors
  • Human Performance and Error
  • Driver Education
  • Individual Differences in Driver Behaviour
  • Influencing Driver Behaviour
  • Driver Stress and Fatigue

To achieve a PgDip qualification, students study a further four modules:

  • Research Methods and Statistics
  • Cognitive Development and Driver Skill
  • Drug and Drink Driving
  • Road Traffic Accident Analysis

Students also submit a research-based report for the PgDip.

For the MSc, students undertake the above modules plus an independent research project which requires them to plan, execute, report and present a substantial thesis that contributes to knowledge in the field.

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