DriverMetrics® Approach to Reducing Driver Risk

The Causes of Road Risk

It is well established that driver behaviour is the principal cause of crashes. Cranfield University research shows that the highest risk behaviours include aggression, thrill seeking, low hazard monitoring, ineffective coping strategies and susceptibility to fatigue.

Identify Driving Risk

The first step to reducing the risks associated with driving for work is to identify which drivers are at highest risk and why. To be confident that the results of the assessment are accurate, fleet managers need to select a measurement tool that has been rigorously developed and proven to predict driver behaviour.

 Based on over 20 years of academic research, the Driver Risk Index™ is the most scientifically validated tool for assessing driver risk commercially available. Act to Reduce Driving Risk Every driver who completes the Driver Risk Index™ has the opportunity to receive an instant comprehensive 6 page feedback report detailing their individual driving risk factors. The feedback report offers tailored advice on reducing these individual risk levels. The Driver Risk Index™ feedback report is an intervention in itself by encouraging each driver to reflect on their behaviour behind the wheel.

Act to Reduce Risk

Individual drivers who have been identified by the Driver Risk Index™ as having a predisposition towards the highest situational and behavioural risk factors may significantly benefit from targeted driver training, coaching and education. These interventions can take place in-vehicle, in driving simulators, in classroom-based workshops or via Driver Risk Index+ ™ e-learning. Contact us for details.

A Summary of Our Methodology

Our methodology for improving driver safety informs a three stage solution to impact driver behaviours and reduce accident risk.

1. Identify – driver risk using the Driver Risk Index™ and focus on the specific contributing behavioural and situational factors using a scientifically validated assessment

2. Review – implement and evaluate your driver safety management strategy with our comprehensive Management Information System.

 3. Act – Address at-risk driver behaviour and improve safety with a range of interventions tailored to the Driver Risk Index™ results.