DriverMetrics® Launches Driver Risk Index™ Compatible Driver E-Learning

DriverMetrics® has teamed up with award-winning driver education software company a2om  to provide an e-learning solution that mitigates the fleet driver risk factors known to contribute to crash risk that are identified in the Driver Risk Index™.

Driver Risk Index+ ™ e-learning offers the following benefits:

The modules have been designed to improve knowledge, attitudes and skills in driving.

The content of the modules used an evidence-based approach with reference to up-to-date research on fleet safety

The modules are based on a competency framework in accordance with driving standards agencies across Europe – known as the Goals for Driver Education (GDE); Hatakka et al., 2002)

The key messages on fleet safety are delivered in accordance with the GDE

The modules can be implemented within a fleet risk management programme over a specified period of time (e.g. modules can be completed over a period of days or months as required)

At the end of each module is an assessment to check for learning. If drivers fail the assessment, they are asked to complete the module again.

Each fleet driver goes through each module at their own learning pace

The content of the modules is consistent and standardised

The modules allow the user to make judgements to address their driving risk

The modules are visually engaging and interactive to facilitate learning

The modules are challenging, enabling fleet drivers to reflect on their driving behaviour

The ‘scenarios-based approach’ for each module is an effective method to facilitate insight – fleet drivers are asked to make a choice and recognise the consequences via self-reflection – examining how they could have made a safer choice.

The modules have been subjected to academic research, evaluated and found to have an impact on driver behaviour.

One of the major advantages of using elearning to address fleet risk is a reduced cost compared with traditional forms of in-car driver training.

All users have their own unique password and access

Progress through the online fleet risk management programme is tracked and recorded with DriverMetrics® Management Information System

The following e-learning modules focus on mitigating the following behavioural risk factors identified in the Driver Risk Index™

Journey Planning

Encourages vehicle inspections in the preparation and planning of a journey. Considers all the major factors that can impact on the journey such as time of day, weather conditions, types of road, passenger influence and loads. Encourages reflection on fitness to drive.


How personality has an effect on how we respond to traffic situations. Considers personal triggers for angry driving such as the behaviour of other drivers and busy traffic. Encourages reflection on the effect of anger on driving and how to manage frustrations as a driver.

Thrill Seeking

Personal characteristics and when thrill seeking responses are most likely to be triggered. How personal needs, mood and life experiences affect driving and that this can change dependent on the circumstances. Encourages reflection on excitement seeking to consider personal safety and the safety of other road users.


Considers how distractions from driving can lead to a crash. Covers the dangers of using a mobile phone and changing phone use habits when driving. Encourages reflection on when distractions are most likely to take place.


Increases knowledge on the causes and effects of driver fatigue. Encourages reflection on fitness to drive. Considers forward planning on when and where to take breaks on long journeys.


Encourages reflection on what driving situations increase anxiety as the first step to making a change. Personal beliefs about driving abilities and whether these beliefs are realistic. Considers how learning from mistakes can increase driving safety.

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